It’s great to start our day with a mention in a respected newsletter! You can read the whole paper in PDF right here.

Ok, lets start with a snippet.

“According to our annual software survey, only a third of all advisory firms are currently availing themselves of these time- saving, return-enhancing features, and it is a bit of a mystery why that number isn’t higher. But if the other 66% of advisors have been waiting for a breakthrough technology in the trading/ rebalancing software category, the wait may be over.

Our management team has been at the forefront of the portfolio rebalancing software industry since 2007. Along the way we’ve talked to hundreds of advisors about what they want from their rebalancing software and it’s a tall order. Simple, fast, secure, powerful and affordable are common terms among the feedback. We’ve been hard at work rebuilding our software from the ground up, focusing on speed, critical features and interface usability. We are excited to show advisors how our software can save time, reduce errors and increase client retention and satisfaction.

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Michael Kitces, The Kitces Report, Nerd’s Eye View

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